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What do we do?

SACRA’s operating model through portfolios focuses on strategic themes,
key to realising the vision of the organisation.

We provide a forum for knowledge and information-sharing, mentoring, facilitation, networking and the exchange of ideas.


We are an invaluable resource for information on industry-specific news, advances, issues, trends and regulations.


We stimulate and promote discussion and interaction between the members of the association in order to promote greater professionalism in the field of pharmaceutical, clinical, bio-ethical and other related research in South Africa. 


We establish and maintain contact between clinical research and other related research personnel employed in the clinical trial industry.


We arrange regular informative meetings with speakers from relevant industry sectors in order to promote the development of expertise in clinical research.


 We consider and act upon “hot-topic” matters as may be of concern to the members.




Staff Meeting

Capacity Building
& Site Support

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Training &

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