Precious Garnett

Pharma / Strategy

My Story

Precious currently holds a position as a Marketing Manager and Medical Advisor – Infectious Disease and Vaccines’ Portfolios at Cipla MedPro, a pharmaceutical company. She’s part of the engine that brings affordable HIV medicines to South Africa, allowing for access to life saving medicines.

Precious graduated with an MBCHB from the University of Cape Town in 2011.
Has worked in the public sector within the Department of Health in KwaZulu Natal, later joined the Military Health Services stationed at the 9th South African Battalion in the Western Cape.

After the time in the army, she pursuit her passion in Infectious disease by joining the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation led by Professor Linda-Gail Bekker and Professor Robin Wood. She worked as a Senior clinical research investigator in HIV treatment trials and principal investigator in HIV prevention clinical trials.

She completed a Masters of Public Health degree from the University of Cape Town in 2019. Achieved a Diploma in Advanced HIV Management by the College of Medicine South Africa in 2020 and a certification as a Travel medicine practitioner in 2021.

She joined the Cipla Medpro Pharmaceuticals in early 2020 and SACRA Executive committee as head of Business Development in 2021. She’s passionate about infectious diseases, adolescent health and global public health.