Confirm your attendance at the SACRA Durban Meeting on the 28th July at the Westville Country Club o

Dear SACRA Associates,

Please advise your colleagues in Durban of the SACRA Evening meeting next week at 18:00 at the Westville Country Club. RSVP by Monday 24th July.

The Agenda is as follows:

SACRA Projects feedback on

  • Service Providers (MTA Agreements)

  • Pharmaceutical (Dispensing License)

  • CRO (Map of Acts and Regulation Guidelines)

We have feedback from the MCC on the following:

  • Material Transfer Agreements

  • Protocol Submissions

  • Malpractice Insurance

  • The ICH E6 - the new International GCP requirement - What is new? /Implementation gaps

  • Comments on Medical Device Guideline


  • The Future in Medicine and Clinical Trials is here: Innovative and Therapeutic Technology in Current Management of Dyslipidaemia: Prof. Hoosen Vawda; UKZN Department of Medicine and Clinical Trials Unit

  • Site Capacity Building: Dr Mohammed Siddique Tayob; Mzansi Ethical Research Centre – Middleburg.

  • Launching of SACRA’s 2017 Site Capacity Building workshops scheduled for November, 2017: Nicolette Stott; SACRA Chair

Kindly confirm your attendance to the SACRA Coordinator at

Thank you.

Barbara Sematimba

SACRA National Coordinator

083 6308612

011 7952941