Interim Relocation of SAHPRA to CSIR campus, Brummeria, Pretoria.

Further to our communication of 31 October 2018 regarding the protest action at the Civitas Building, and the instruction from the Director-General Health regarding the vacating of the building, we can now confirm that interim new premises have been rented on the CSIR campus, Brummeria, Pretoria.

This is an interim relocation due to the emergency situation, while the process to procure new premises for SAHPRA is in progress.

SAHPRA is located in the following buildings on the CSIR campus:

Accessed from the Visitor’s Centre, North Gate (opposite the Sasol garage):

Building 10f

• Building 16

Accessed from the Visitor’s Centre, South Gate:

Building 41

• Building 42

Outside, to the left of the gate to the Convention Centre (South Gate):

Building 38a – Reception

Please note that telephone landlines are not currently available. The cellphone contact numbers under Key Contacts on the website should be used.

Reception in building 38a will open on Friday, 01 February 2019.

Please note the following regarding deliveries to SAHPRA:

• The trading hours will be as follows:

o Deliveries: Monday to Thursday: 08h30 – 15h15

o Friday: 08h30 – 12h00

o Collection of certificates, permits, licences:

Tuesday & Thursday 10h00 – 12h00

• Applicants will be contacted when certificates, permits, and licences are ready for collection. These should then be collected at the next designated time, as indicated above.

• Please refer to the communication 9.113 for the submission procedure for Section 21 authorisations (orthodox medicines for human use only), and communication 9.114 regarding the submission of post-marketing pharmacovigilance correspondence.

Both documents are available on the SAHPRA website under Publications, Communications.

Please note that access to the other buildings is by appointment only. The relevant official to be visited will advise which building when the appointment is made. The visitor then has to report to the CSIR Visitor’s Centre at the closest gate, as indicated above.

The visitor’s driver’s licence or ID document will be required, otherwise the visitor will not be allowed onto the campus. Assets such as laptops taken into the CSIR will also have to be declared.

Thank you.

Ms P Nkambule

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Communication sent from SAHPRA is attached here.