SACRA Mandela Day Highlights

SACRA is showcasing how its members are commemorating Mandela Day:

Nelson Mandela International Day is an annual international day in honour of Nelson Mandela, celebrated each year on 18 July, Mandela's birthday.

The day was officially declared by the United Nations in November 2009, with the first UN Mandela Day held on 18 July 2010.

Nelson Mandela Day not only celebrates Nelson Mandela's life, but it is also a global call to action for people to recognize their ability to have a positive effect on others around them. Many people and organisations around the world take part in many activities to promote Nelson Mandela Day.

The Idea is to take 67 Minutes on the day of 18 July to do good and serve the less fortunate and help combat poverty and inequality.

Why 67 minutes were chosen for Mandela Day:

One minute is given for every year of Mandela's public service. Nelson Mandela has been making an imprint on the world for 67 years, beginning in 1942 when he first started to campaign for the human rights of every South African.

The importance of Mandela Day. Nelson Mandela International Day has been inspiring people across the country - and the world - to take action and effect some change, even if only for 67 minutes on 18 July each year.

Simply put – because those 67 minutes spent on Mandela Day represent more than just charity work.

See how SACRA's Associates are spending their time and resources this 18th July 2019:



Clintec have made Blankets for Mandela Day.

We made over 200 squares and a few blankets were given to Christine recently to distribute: Nelson Mandela Day Initiative - making a difference stitch by stitch to keep needy people warm in honour of Madiba

This amazing initiative, founded by Carolyn Steyn aims at collecting thousands of handmade blankets or knitted squares, which will be distributed to those in need throughout South Africa.

Who we are?

Clintec, established for 22 years, is an innovative, medium-sized global functional services provider with a depth of expertise in oncology and rare diseases. Clintec combines the agility and flexibility typical of smaller CROs with the global coverage associated with large CROs. Clintec delivers global projects with speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Clintec personnel are based in over 50 countries including several differentiated emerging markets, such as in Sub-Saharan Africa.

At Clintec we believe flexibility is the key to success when working with our clients. Our clients and the trials being conducted come in many shapes and sizes. We endeavour to meet our clients’ needs by being proactive and have cre ated an environment that fosters this approach with our teams. We believe people are our greatest asset and understand that best performances come from individuals who know they are part of a valued team.

Our Vision
To use a creative, agile approach to become the global choice for organizations performing drug development.
Our Mission

Providing precision tailored solutions, by thoughtfully assessing, designing and creatively delivering innovation. Our global team of experienced professionals work locally with our clients to deliver global trial excellence each and every time.




1). Our TASK CAB (Community Advisory Board) team plans on cleaning the DELFT community health centre (CHC)

2). Our TASK clinical research centre in Bellville (TCRC) offered assistance to the Bellville Presbyterian Church who prepares meals and sandwiches for local TB clinics, the Church requested their assistance today already as it is much needed.

3). TASK Micro laboratory and HR teams are distributing sandwiches to the Parow CHC.

Who are we?

Task Applied Science is based in Cape Town South Africa and develop novelties in healthcare.

TASK is best known for performing clinical trials in Tuberculosis.

Established as a TB clinical trials site in 2005 by professor Andreas Diacon, TASK Applied Science has since grown into a full spectrum clinical research centre, driven by 170 passionate staff deployed in 6 locations, including a state of the art laboratory and clinical pharmacy.


TREAD Research:


1.Providing knitted baby clothing items to the Tygerberg Neonatal Department on Thursday 18 July 2019. 2. Collecting items for the Home of Hope: For this Mandela Month and Mandela Day on Thursday 18 July 2019, TREAD Research would like to encourage everyone to spend at least R67 on items for The Home of Hope. They are a place of safety for children. Please see for more info.

Here is a list of what they use every single day and what will help them:

Non-perishable foods:

Top of List: Marmite, cheese spread, long life milk, peanut butter, tuna, baked beans

Other: sweet corn, oats / weetbix, peas, rice, juice mix

Luxuries : Jelly powder, popcorn kernels, custard powder, apricot jam, milo

They would also appreciate any toiletries.

You are welcome to deliver items to the Home of Hope directly, or to the box available in the TREAD Research reception area.

Let's see if we can make a difference this Mandela Month!

Other ongoing charitable work:

Recycling project to create plastic bricks for use in the development of the nursery at Sunhome farm, which supports and provides employment to Home of Hope

Who are are?

Founded in 1998, TREAD Research is situated in Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa; and is affiliated with the Division of Cardiology in the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, Stellenbosch University. The organisation is managed by Professor Lesley Burgess and conducts pharmaceutically-sponsored contract clinical research in most medical fields

TREAD has an outstanding record of award winning recruitment, often over-recruiting by a substantial number. The mission of TREAD Research is to protect the rights, welfare and privacy of human subjects who choose to participate in human subject research.

We have undergone successful audits by the American FDA, the South African MCC, and a number of local and international pharmaceutical research companies and clinical research organisations.

TREAD has experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas, namely: Cardiology & Cardiology Risk Factors, Nephrology, Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis, Gastroenterology, and Vaccines to name a few.

In June 2016, we became the first research organisation in Africa to be awarded accreditation by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP) joining an elite group of only 231 research institutions throughout the world to have achieved such accreditation merit.

All research conducted at TREAD Research is reviewed by the Stellenbosch University Health Research Ethics Committees.

TREAD is committed to advancing responsible research, ethical treatment of human research subjects, and ensuring that the right of every human being to voluntary, informed consent with regards to research is respected. We serve to carry out this mission by:

  • Promoting an environment of respect and understanding of the rights and welfare of human research participants;

  • Ensuring that the risks and benefits of each research study are thoroughly considered; and

  • Ensuring that our human participants are well-informed of their research rights.



FARMOVS identified New Beginnings Animal Rescue Centre, situated on the outskirts of Bloemfontein, as our charity of choice for Nelson Mandela Day 2019.

New Beginnings is a registered NPO focusing on the rescuing and rehabilitation of abused and neglected animals, whilst running various community projects to create jobs in rural areas and enabling people to take care of their families and pets.

New Beginnings hosts THREE (3) Outreaches throughout the year where they help close to a 1000 animals and make a difference in the lives of needy people and children. They educate and encourage the owners on treating their animals with respect and love. New Beginnings also ministers to the people, hands out sweets, beanies and blankets and if available, hand out Bibles to the people as well. They assist destitute pet-owners by providing Medical assistance (Veterinarians), Dog/Cat Food, Bowls, Leather Collars, Tick and Flea Treatment etc.

New Beginnings being an NPO, rely on donations and funding to make these outreaches possible and that is where FARMOVS jumped in to help them make this possible. FARMOVS created awareness by launching this as our Nelson Mandela Day Charity drive amongst our employees. With the generous hearts of all our staff FARMOVS was able to donate a large cash donation as well as dog/cat food, beanies and sweets for the children, dog/cat collars, blankets, toys and a whole lot more. Besides the donations, our social committee along with some of our staff members volunteered to go and spend 67minutes at the shelter on Nelson Mandela Day, Thursday 18 July 2019, during which we handed over all the donations.

With our 67 minutes and more, FARMOVS used this day to make a difference to those without a voice, and those who are suffering.

Who are we:

FARMOVS is a South African, specialty full service clinical research organization, that conducts ICH-GCP compliant Phase I to IV clinical trials. FARMOVS’ competitive advantage is its wealth of Bioequivalence and Phase I experience and expertise, patient recruitment success and a clinical research facility with the only on-site ISO and GLP certified bioanalytical laboratory on the African continent

Since 1974, FARMOVS has successfully managed and conducted more than 3,000 clinical trials for clients across the globe ranging from small biotechs to the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.


To create a sustainable Clinical Research Hub in central South Africa that will pursue delivery of quality research knowledge for the region, continent and globe to benefit patients today and in the future.


Unite Academic and Therapeutic Leadership with Clinical Research and Business Management Expertise

Beliefs - We believe the world will be a healthier place if the journey between science and new treatments are made simpler.

For Nelson Mandela Day 2019.



Synexus/ Acurian/ Optimal: AES

Who Are We?

AES owns the most fully identified patient data. And we own the world’s largest network of clinical research sites. Put them together and you get the only solutions for global patient delivery that offer total certainty of budget, time, speed, and quality.

Synexus now represents our site network capabilities, the largest in the world and growing. It’s the same great sites, now part of AES solutions.

Acurian now represents our core patient enrollment services, available globally. These services are underscored by the most fully identified patient data available for trials.

Optimal now represents the services we offer in both vaccines and oncology, using the same great sites but enhanced and extended with AES firepower.

What we did for Mandela Day Thursday 18th July, 2019.

Synexus/AES visited Mamelodi Old Age Home (MOAH), which is non-profit organisation that is a care centre for the elderly, providing safe, comfortable accomodation with Nursing care around the clock.

Synexus/AES was honoured to provide blankets as our Mandela day project 2019.