Apply for a Grant: Methodology Research Projects.

Clinical Trials Methodology Research – optimising the design, conduct, analysis, reporting and interpretation of trials (RESEARCH ABOUT RESEARCH)

The way trials are designed, conducted, analysed, reported and interpreted should continually be questioned so that they are optimal and responsive for a broad range of stakeholders. A new partnership will increase capacity for trials methodology research, with the following working groups: Trial conduct, Stratified Medicine, Health Informatics, Adaptive Designs, Outcomes, Health Economics, Statistical Analysis, and Global Health

The UK NIHR-MRC Trials Methodology Research Partnership has made available funds for small pump-priming grants of between £2000 and £10000 specifically for methodology research projects relevant to Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) for:

  • A small trials methodology research project (typically proof-of-principle studies to facilitate further funding through other funders)

  • Hosting of a local, national or regional workshop/meeting about trials methodology research with a view to subsequently developing a project

  • An exchange visit(s) to or from another TMRP member/partner working on the same project or with a view to developing a collaborative project

Deadline midnight (GMT) 1st March 2020.

For details visit the Global Health Methodology Research website or contact

For background on/examples of trials methodology research visit the Hubs for Trials Methodology Research website including the Guidance, Webinars and Working Groups sections

We are particularly interested in increasing the number of (the minimum outcomes that should be measured and reported in all trials of a specific condition) relevant to LMICs and/or developed by LMICs.

Elizabeth Allen, BSc (Hons), MPH, Cert Human

Pharmacology, PhD

Head of Clinical Research, CCOAT and Lead, Global Health Trials

South Africa, Division of Clinical Pharmacology,

Department of Medicine, University of Cape Town, South Africa