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Clinical Trials Registry

All clinical trials to be conducted in South Africa must register with the South African National Clinical Trials Register (SANCTR). SANCTR facilitates registration of trials in accordance with the WHO's International Clinical Trials Registry Platform initiative that requires prior entry of clinical trials in a public registry as a condition for publication.

SANCTR Registration Guideline

Applicants to have one common email address per organisation, this will ensure that the clinical trials are registered per organization and not per individual account. 

For more information on SANCTR contact: 
Dr Duduzile Ndwandwe
P.O. Box 19070, Tygerberg, 7505, South Africa
Tel: +27 21 938 0222

The National Health Research Database (NHRD)

The National Health Research Database (NHRD) serves as a repository of health-related research which has been and is currently being conducted in South Africa.

As such, it is a useful tool for monitoring and managing health research for both the National Health Research Committee, and the 9 Provincial Health Research Committees (PHRCs). 

The database provides researchers and research committees with a snapshot of current and past research priorities. This information is valuable to policy makers, donors and research institutions as it facilitates equitable and relevant allocation of resources for research priorities.

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