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Clinical Research Education Programme (CREP)

For new, future or inexperienced Principal Investigators or

Sub-Investigators or Senior Research team members

The Clinical Research Education Programme (CREP)
provides new Principal or Sub- Investigators or other Senior Research
team members with the knowledge and skills to develop competency
in clinical trial conduct.

Programme Venue:

Ground Floor Training Room, Wits Health Consortium (Pty) Ltd

31 Princess of Wales Terrace Parktown, 2193

Programme Duration:

16 May - 28 July

Programme Objectives:

On completion of the programme, learners will be able to do the following:

  • Apply new and existing terminology in developing research protocols.

  • Demonstrate ethical and participant safety considerations.

  • Describe the investigational product development process and the regulatory requirements for the approval of clinical research.

  • Understand key issues in the operations of a clinical trial and responsibilities related to conducting clinical research with human participants.

  • Explain study and site management.

  • Develop study related essential documents.

  • Use data accuracy and integrity when completing or using any essential documents.

  • Manage monitoring, audit and inspection visits from the sponsor and the different authorities.

  • Identify the role of each study(team) member and how tasks could be delegated to accomplish daily study activities.

  • Apply various communication methods and tools to facilitate efficient teamwork.

Programme Fee: R6,500

Group Discounts can be negotiated

Classroom Training Dates:

Online Learning

Learners will be given access to the eLearning platform after registering for the programme.

All pre-reading, post reading, assignments, assessments, lessons and resources will be hosted on an eLearning platform.

Learning Material

Learners will be provided with a Clinical Research Education Programme workbook. The workbook contains detailed information about all the topics covered during the in class as well as the eLearning sessions.

eLearning Platform

Course sessions on the eLearning platform will follow the same index as the in class sessions, and students have to complete the related course session on the eLearning platform before attending the in class session with the same session number.

For more information please contact us on:

Phone: +27 11 274 9327 / 9368


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