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Only 2 days left to register!

Don't forget to register for our SACRA AGM, this Friday 8 April.

It is going to be a wonderful and insightful morning, especially with our guest speaker, Alec Avierinos, who will be sharing his knowledge on work-life balance with us.

Work-Life Balance No. 11

Create a 'fun-committee'

The words fun and committee might not seem to go together, but this is another effective work-life balance initiative you'll want to consider!

Rather than having one employee responsible for planning activities, let employees volunteer to plan holiday parties, team excursions, and other events as a team. Especially while the weather is warm (at least here in NYC) and outdoor seating is available, why not check out a trivia night or do a picnic in the park?

Maybe offer an anonymous poll to see what your employees would be interested in doing as an outside of work activity.

Join us at the SACRA Annual General Meeting to learn more about work-life balance:

April 08, 2022 at 7:30 - 13:30

Register for either the Johannesburg face to face or Regional Online meeting: REGISTRATION LINK

AGM March 2022
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