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Quiz Friday - 4th March

It is the first Friday in March - a new opportunity to start collecting points for your end of 2022 SACRA reward!

We would like to apologise for last Friday 25th February, for not sending out a quiz link.

The month of February was our test run to get you all involved and anticipating our membership drive, that will end in October.

This is an opportunity for you to test your general knowledge of the clinical research industry in South Africa as well as to win yourself a handsome SACRA reward, through the posted quiz links every Fridays between March and October.

From March 2022 to October 2022, we will be allocating points to those who complete the quiz, those that get the most points will stand a chance to join us for our annual gala dinner and a free SACRA membership for 2023.

Find your quiz link for today below:

Remember quiz is open only from:

09:00am to 15:00.

Do share your contact details with us so that we can trace you.

SACRA will not communicate marks or answers to the respondents after completion, but we will share the answers on Mondays or Tuesdays following the quiz Friday.

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