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Work-Life balance: 4 & 5

4. Train your managers to help.

Managers are the leaders in your organization best positioned to help employees improve their work-life balance.

Train your managers to look for problems such as burnout and overwork. Work on improving their coaching skills and allow managers to offer specific benefits to employees who are struggling.

5. Offer flexible scheduling.

Now that our world is so connected, it’s not always necessary for employees to adhere to a strict 9-to-5 schedule.

Explore ways to let your employees have more scheduling flexibility. You might want to go so far as to change into a results-oriented work environment, where people can work as many or as few hours as necessary to complete their projects.

One other thing to consider is a job share or part-time options. Some employees may be unable to commit to a full-time job but are able to contribute half-time. Look into whether that makes sense for your company.


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