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Sorika van Niekerk

SACRA Chairperson & Regulatory Platforms

My Story

Sorika has extensive experience in the South African and Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) CRO field ranging from clinical development area, project management, senior management interaction with Pharma and NGOs. Sorika is now Executive Director of Cytespace Laboratories, an independent central laboratory which was the first fully accredited College of America Pathologists (CAP) central laboratory, in South Africa.

Having joined the clinical development arena in 1999, she has wealth of knowledge in International pharma relations as well as knowledge of the South African and SSA regulatory and processes.

Sorika comes with a wealth of experience and ability to communicate effectively in multidisciplinary fields and across international business and for her passion to ensure that South Africa and SSA are continually ranked in the Pharma industry as places of excellence to undertake clinical research.

She has a passion for development of people and as such she took responsibility for development of an apprenticeship within the South African context with the aim to increase the availability of well – trained individuals within the clinical trial industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Sorika participates as a member on various Industry led initiatives / committees such as the South African Clinical Research Association, Industry Clinical Trial Focus Group comprising of CRO, Pharma and Site representatives, Department of Health Import /export permit committee etc. She also acts as a mentor and promoter of post graduate students specific to the field of research at various Academic institutions. 

Sorika continues to focus on the development and expansion of clinical trial & laboratory infrastructures in Sub Saharan Africa.

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