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SACRA is currently conducting an import/export survey to determine the effectiveness of the process followed by DOH for import/export permit submission and issuing and associated timelines.  At the same time we want to evaluate the impact on our industry as a result of delays.  To this effect we aim to obtain an  estimated percentage of permits issued versus those not issued.

Your participation in this survey is vital to ensure accurate data collection and analysis. The survey will focus on data specific to the 2023 calendar year, collected in a summarized fashion i.e. we do not drill down into protocol specific details.

Once all the information is collated, we will be able to demonstrate effectiveness and potential impact of the process whether it be lacking or sufficient.  In parallel to the survey SACRA  EXCO is setting up a meeting with the Department of Health on permit processing procedures, presenting them with industry statistics to help identify areas of improvement and to bring to their attention  current and relevant issues and challenges.

We do need your input and as such your cooperation in providing the necessary data is greatly appreciated. We have designed the survey in a exciting ChatBot fashion to ensure it is quick and efficient and as a result it will take very little time to complete.


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