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SACRA AGM 10 April 2024 - Presentations published

The SACRA Annual General Meeting (AGM) serves as a vital forum for industry stakeholders, to engage with the association's EXCO, review its performance over the past year, and discuss plans for the future. It provides an opportunity to address key matters such as financial performance, governance, and strategic direction.

Through presentations, discussions, and voting on resolutions (when required), the AGM fosters transparency, accountability, and trust between the association and its stakeholders. It is a cornerstone of governance, ensuring that industry stakeholders have a voice in the association's decision-making processes and enabling EXCO to demonstrate its commitment to stakeholder interests.

The SACRA AGM that took place on 10th April 2024 was attended by approximately 200 people across 4 regions, with attendees from 46 companies within our industry present. 

SACRA gatherings: Where innovation thrives and minds collide. Your presence fuels SACRA's success. We look forward seeing you at the next one!

SACRA AGM Presentation as well as our guest speaker content are now available to SACRA Members accessible on our website on the AGM membership page.


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