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IPASA Export Permit Proposal

The longstanding challenge of export / import permits for clinical trials is systemic and poses real threat to the clinical trials ecosystem. SACRA has been approached by IPASA (Innovative Pharmaceutical Association South Africa) as another representative organisation in this space that is directly impacted by the issue.


This is to provide you with an update regarding our complaint to the Public Service Commission concerning the significant delays in obtaining export permits for our clinical trials.

As we communicated, IPASA and SACRA have taken the initiative to address this issue through the proper channels. We are pleased to inform you that our formal complaint has been successfully lodged with the Public Service Commission, and we have received confirmation of its receipt.

The below mentioned documents can be accessed through the SACRA Membership Page: DOH / 2023 Updates

  1. A copy of the official complaint letter submitted to the Public Service Commission.

  2. An acknowledgement from the commission confirming the lodging of our complaint.

Please feel free to review the documents I've attached whenever you can. By raising this concern, we are taking a crucial step towards ensuring a smoother and more efficient process for obtaining necessary permits for clinical trials.

Thank you for your ongoing support and attention to this matter. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need more information.

Best regards,



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